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Independent Study Abroad

Affiliated programs
Fall/Academic Year programs:
            January:         Irish American Scholar Program
            February 15:  Intent to Study Abroad for ISEP programs
                                            ISEP application 
 March 1:         Intent to Study Abroad for all study abroad programs (other than ISEP)
              All ASC-affiliated programs
Spring semester programs:
           January:           Irish American Scholar Program
 March 1:          Intent to Study Abroad for all programs (apply the calendar year prior to your study abroad)
           September 1:   ISEP application
           October 1:        All ASC-affiliated programs
 Summer semester programs:
            March 1:          Intent to Study Abroad
            Various:           Check individual program application deadlines 

ISEP Deadlines and fees – Deadlines and/or fees stated on the ISEP website are no applicable for ASC students. Please follow Agnes Scott’s internal deadlines (see program brochure page in Carta); they are EARLIER than ISEP’s!
Non-Affiliated Programs
            March 1:          Intent to Study Abroad
            Various:           Check individual program application deadlines
Awards & Scholarships for Fall/Academic Year/ Spring programs:
             March 1:         CGL Awards